Enrollment Instructions

Online Enrollment

  Printable Enrollment Instructions

  1. Login to the PowerSchool Student/Guardian Portal.
  2. Select Summer School Registration from the left menu.

Summer School Enrollment Instructions

  1. Read the instructions included on the pages and follow the steps on the screens.
  2. To select multiple courses in either in-seat or online, please click in the selection box again to select additional courses.

Choosing Multiple Courses

  1. After submitting, both students and parents will receive an email confirmation.


Enrollment Information

The enrollment window will open on Tuesday, May 5th at 3:00 PM and remain open until May 22nd 3:00 PM.

If you would like to enroll in classes or withdraw from a class you must follow the directions under the enrollment heading.

Any student who decides to withdraw from a class after May 7th will need to email Marshon Stephenson (marshon.stephenson@lsr7.net) or Cherie Rushton (cherie.rushton@lsr7.net).

There will be no email confirmation of classes that have been selected during the second enrollment window. Students will be able to see the summer class or classes they have been placed in starting on May 12th after 3:00 PM. You will need to log into your Powerschool Student/Parent portal to see the classes.