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Summer School 2024

Lee’s Summit School District

Summer School Enrollment Information


Enrollment Information

Enrollment will begin on February 2, 2024 and will be done through a special Summer School PowerSchool login. All requests made during the enrollment window will be given equal consideration, they are not dependent on the date and time of the request.

Summer School Sessions

Session #1:
May 29 - June 12

Session #2:
June 13 - June 28
**No Class June 19**

Session Times:
11 Day Classes - 7am-12:30pm
22 Day Classes - 6:30a-9:10a | 9:20a-12p

Early Release Days & Times:
June 12 & June 28 -
First Group – 6:30-7:50am
Second Group – 8:00-9:20am

Summer School Locations 2024

Lee's Summit High School

11 Day Courses
Parking & Drop Off

East Trails Middle School

22 Day Courses
Parking & Drop Off

Bus Shuttle

A shuttle will be offered from LSW and LSN at 6:45am each morning to LSHS. Please be at the bus lane at your appropriate school to load the bus at 6:45am.


Summer School
Enrollment Windows

Window 1:

Enrollment for Window 1 will begin at 3pm on February 2, 2024. The first enrollment window will be open until April 24th. 


Enrollment will be closed on April 24th until May 1st. 


Window 2:

Enrollment for Window 2 will begin at 3pm on May 1, 2024. The second enrollment window will be open from May 1st until May 15th. 


Enrollment will close at 3pm on May 15th.

Checking Enrollment

On Wednesday, May 1st, after 3pm, parents and students will be able to login to the Parent/Student PowerSchool Portal and click on the Summer School Schedule icon. It will show which course the students is enrolled in. If your student doesn’t have a schedule, they have have been placed on a wait list. Visit the Enrollment Page.

Foundations of Fitness

If your schedule reflects Foundations of Fitness with NO time next to it – you have been scheduled for the default start time of 6:30am. If your schedule reflects 9:30am, that is your class start time. 

Attendance Policy

State law requires attendance accounting. Attendance is recorded on an hourly basis. Any absence, whether excused or unexcused by parents, will count against the state’s required hours for summer school credit.  Students missing 18 hours or more of instruction per session will be dropped, fail the course,  and receive no credit.


Visit our FAQ page to get assistance with all of your questions regarding Summer School.